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ETARGET Lead Generation

ETARGET, LLC provides proven lead generation programs to our clients, increasing their reach to prospect and attract potential customers. This proprietary approach to lead generation permits us to aggregate, organize, prescreen, and deliver results in real-time to our partners and clients. Whether as manufacturers, producers, market research firms, or pharmaceutical marketers, our clients benefit from our long history of measurable results and proven successes in the world of targeted lead generation. Because our lead generation technology allows us to carefully tailor questions and prescreen prospects, our clients can rest assured that the real-time leads we provide are both targeted and primed for conversion. We do it through smart strategies - great customer service - Tier 1 affiliate partners.


We know how to capture targeted search results to help drive more sales for your organization. High search rankings are the secret to many business success stories. You're not going to hear much about it because your competition wants to keep their SEO strategy a secret. We'll reveal the mystery behind SEO and why many so-called SEO companies fail to keep their promise. What most organizations fail to realize is how important SEO is to grow your business, protect your brand, and capture competitor revenue. Whatever your product or service - hundreds, maybe thousands of searches are taking place at this moment. Are you getting hundreds or thousands of corresponding clicks at this moment? If not, contact us! We can help.

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Affiliate Network

Connecting advertisers with publishers- the ETARGET performance-based Affiliate Network is about providing options, ease, and flexibility. Using ETARGET's sophisticated data analysis, comprehensive reports, and network options, publishers benefit from long-term growth within their respective niches and industries. Equally important, they develop sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with advertisers looking to capitalize on the same types and levels of traffic.

Seamlessly connecting advertisers with publishers is the primary goal of ETARGET's performance-based Affiliate Network. By offering flexibility, reliability, and customizable options, we ensure that advertisers have access to the greatest variety of publishers and pricing levels during their marketing campaigns. And thanks to our comprehensive reporting, advertisers benefit from the detailed analysis and real-time data necessary for increased growth and optimized advertising revenue.

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