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Connecting advertisers with publishers, the ETARGET performance-based Affiliate Network is about providing performance, volume, and deliverable results. Using ETARGET's sophisticated data analysis, comprehensive reports, and network options, publishers benefit from long-term growth within their respective niches and industries. Equally important, they develop sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with advertisers looking to capitalize on the same types and levels of traffic.


We have the know-how and experience to develop the most effective online strategy for you and your company. At ETARGET we provide personalized attention to detail - our clients rely on us for answers. Our quick response, positive approach and guaranteed performance set us apart - We believe in providing great customer service for a great customer experience.

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By offering affiliate marketing campaign management, ETARGET assists publishers as they seek to maximize commissions and returns on investments. Our robust technology and proprietary software can seamlessly and efficiently boost click-through acquisitions and conversion rates thanks to high-profile placements, filter generation, and customized rotation.

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How we do it? Simple... Through effective target marketing. We have the experience and the technology to drive 'the right' traffic and convert ... if you don't profit neither do we...We closely support our publishers, provide targeted keyword placement management, and the right content development to drive targeted traffic. Our Advertisers are experiencing record growth and trust us to deliver. We have the knowledge and experience to support many verticals. Our past and current clients include Tier 1 companies in sports, automotive, travel, medical, and many more...

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